The 6 Degree

Through the concept of six degrees of separation, the whole world can be connected.
Act now, tell your friends about global warming and what we are doing to put a halt to it, and tell your friends to do the same. When it is six levels deep...

Six degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation defines that given any two persons in the world, they can be related through at most six "friends of". This concept was founded in 1995 and it has became part of the most welcomed notion being used around the world. It is also known as the Small World Phenomenon.


We will include the "six degrees of separation experiment" as follows:

Six Degrees of Separation Experiment

"This project was conducted by Duncan Watts and colleagues at Columbia University, New York, to test the theory of "six degrees of separation" through the application of email. More than 60,000 people from 166 different countries took part in the experiment and they were assigned 18 target people, which the participants knew the name, location, professional and some educational background of the 18 targets. The targets were assigned to them randomly. The participants were asked to contact the target by sending email to people they already knew and considered potentially closer to the target. The objective for participants was to send email to contacts that are closer to the target, and the message would be carried down until it reached the target.

It was observed that it will take on average five to seven intermediate steps before the message was delivered. It was further observed that it would need an average of five intermediate steps for the message to be delivered to the target within the same country; and an average of seven intermediate steps for international target.

The theory was popularized by "The Kevin Bacon Game", which uses actor Kevin Bacon as the target linked to other movie stars. The game was inspired by the John Guare play and the movie Six Degrees of Separation. "