About Us

koyopower is a company focused on the environmental issues primarily related to global warming, provides its community with essential information to help fight global warming, and to raise the public awareness of the danger of global warming, its impact on the Earth, and necessary preventive and restoration steps to help make the world better.

Through our community, one can participate and contribute to the community, giving valuable information and helping others, and encourage practicing easy yet healthy activities that will help combat global warming; or one can benefit from our community to learn what he or she can do to help fight global warming.

We are the first ever to reward people who join our community and recommend this to their friends! To further encourage people from around the world to join our community, we have introduced a reward system to reward people who refer their friends and family to join us. To ensure the whole world can hear us, we have applied the six degrees of separation concept into our reward system - 'You can connect anyone in the world by six levels friends of'.

We are eager to help put a stop to the world ever increasing environmental issue, global warming. Join our community, help save the world, and get rewarded. To learn more about koyopower, visit our FAQ or contact us today to get started.