Stop global warming, and be rewarded

To better inform and alert the world about the issues of global warming, we have implemented a reward system to encourage our community to disseminate this information to as many people as they can, so that our voice is heard and the world can fight the global warming together.

For this reason, every member will be rewarded for their efforts of disseminating the global warming issues to their friends and family members. We encourage that every member of the community to tell their friends and family members about this issue, and ask the person they bring in to do the same.

When this message is passed down to sixth level deep, it will reach the whole world. This is supported by the concept of six degrees.

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Rewards Commission Introduction
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Direct Referral Commission

When you tell a person about what our community is doing, you are eligible to receive your reward if the person chooses to participate in our community. Participation of each person that you bring in will earn you $25. If you bring in 6 people, you will earn $150.


Sixth Level Referral Commission star

This referral commission can earn you with millions of dollars. When your message reaches down to the sixth level, your efforts of doing so will be rewarded as every member on your sixth level will pay you up to $60*. If you refer 6 friends, and that 6 friends also refer 6 friends each, and it continues down to sixth level, you will have 46,656 members in your sixth level, each paying you up to $60, which would up to $2,799,360 or nearly 2.8 million of dollars.