Network Structure Organization Rule

It is clearly stated in our terms of service that any attempt to arrange or organize your referral network structure is strictly prohibited and doing so will violate our terms of service and putting your account into the risks of being suspended or terminated. This term is to protect the existing community benefits and their hard work.

Examples of network structure organization that violate our terms of service including signing up multiple accounts with each being the referrer of another, forming a line of 6 levels referral network in an attempt to reap all the profits from your own 6 levels referral network, leaving virtually nothing for the person who introduced this program to you; or any attempt that will result in unfairness to your introducer, or referrer.

Please be advised that we will examine every possible attempt to this unauthorized network structure organization and members found violating this rule will not be tolerated.

Example Example01: Network Structure Organization Rule

Example02: Network Structure Organization Rule


What is e-Point? e-Point is a point system that is very important to significantly increase your earning potential from your sixth level referral commission, through a process called the e-Point Redemption. This e-Point redemption happens automatically when your sixth level referral enters your network and initiates a payment to you, provided you have at 20 e-Points at the time when your sixth level referral joins. If you have 20 e-Points, your 20 e-Points will be redeemed, or converted to $20, in additional to the $40 your sixth level referral will pay you, totaling $60. You will only receive $40 if your e-Point account does not have sufficient e-Point, so make sure you have sufficient e-Point whenever they join your network to maximize your earning.

Accumulating e-Point

There are several ways where you can accumulate your e-Point account.

  1. Matching Commission
    You will be rewarded 10% of the total commission that your referrals have earned in your referral network, starting from the first level, down to the fifth level, as described in the Matching Commission section.

  2. Trading Reward
    For every successful e-Cash sell transaction, your e-Point account will be rewarded 10% of the e-Cash transacted, provided the transaction could be completed within 48 hours. If the transaction could not be completed within 48 hours (completed in more than 48 hours), you can only be rewarded with 5% of the e-Cash transacted.

  3. Servicing Fee
    For every successful registration of member you have helped them, you will be rewarded 2 e-Points. So start helping others who having difficulty signing up.

  4. Marketing Effort
    For every 5 clicks that have been produced on your behalf, you will be rewarded 1 e-Point. The clicks include clicks from the email you have sent, or from your own marketing campaign.

  5. Referral Page Reward
    For every 50 impressions your referral page is shown, you will be rewarded 1 e-Point.


e-Cash is the electronic cash that you can convert them into real cash by trading them on our trading platform. The e-Cash is used in:

  1. Joining our community
    Whenever you join our community, there is an e-Ticket registration fee of $150 payable only in e-Cash.

  2. Converting e-Cash into e-Point
    You can convert your e-Cash into e-Point to maximize your commission from your sixth level referral (additional $20 for 20 e-Points).
How do you get the e-Cash?

  1. Direct Referral Commission
    You will get your direct referral commission of $25 in e-Cash, although there are other ways of receiving this commission (real cash, bank transfer, bank draft, etc).

  2. 6th Level Referral Commission
    You will get your Sixth Level Referral Commission of up to $60 in e-Cash, although there are other ways of receiving this commission.

  3. Level Commission/Extended Level Commission
    You will earn your Level Commission / Extended Level Commission in e-Cash only.

  4. E-Cash Trading Platform
    For new member where they do not have any e-Cash, they can buy the e-Cash from the trader through our e-Cash trading platform.
How do you convert the e-Cash into real cash? You can turn your e-Cash into cash by trading or selling them. We have an e-Cash trading platform that traders can post their sell or buy request.